Monday, October 4, 2010


Do you know why we do what we do at Martin & Associates People Source? Aside from “a lot of reasons” it’s because we help people! As a restaurant management recruiting firm, we deal with, in some cases, the worst commodity in the world because our commodity has a mind of its own.  It can be a difficult job. But every now and then, we all have a good day. And every now and then, I get inspired.
Today’s inspiration comes from my own team! Our daily focus is on helping people move their careers forward and helping our clients move their business forward. I am at my desk right now listening to my restaurant management recruiting team. They are busy on the phones calling potential candidates! I love that! I am inspired by a team of top notch restaurant management recruiters who are about the business of working definitively for their clients. I am inspired by the “energy” of people talking “restaurants” and the “restaurant business”.  I am inspired being part of a team of folks who find helping people to be a natural experience.
All restaurant management recruiting agencies are not created equal, just as all restaurant management recruiters are not created equal. I am proud to be affiliated with a team of genuine restaurant management professionals who love using their talent to help other managers achieve their goals. Our team shares over 75 years of restaurant management experience cumulatively. We have been in the day-in and day-out trenches of restaurant management.  Our experience actually allows us to relate to our candidates and to the issues they face daily. It also allows us to relate to the struggles of finding solid, experienced restaurant management talent that our clients face.  In short all of us on the Martin & Associates team are passionate about the restaurant business and we come to our office everyday to help people move forward in their career…and to help our clients move forward as well.
Inspiration comes in a number of ways. It’s all around us if we simply look and listen.